The family-owned Turul Winery spans over 555 acres of vineyards, most of them organically certified, in the Yountville and Oakville appellations.

The business was started in 1931 by the Hungarian immigrant Laszlo Turul. For both his heirs and the current employees of the company, wine making is a labor of love. They are living the old addage “when you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.” Turul Winery has always been a niche player specializing in a unique California variation of the famous Hungarian Tokaj, a sweet dessert wine, once called Turul after the family surname. It is now distributed under the name Quintessential.

What we believe in

The Turul family has been farming the same vineyards for three generations, a point of pride for us and the reason I take stewardship of the land so seriously. We constantly keep in mind that we’ve got to do the right things for future generations.

Bob Turul

The primary goal of Turul Winery is to offer the highest-quality products and service to our visitors and customers.

Turul Winery is committed to sustainability and continues to innovate in protecting the environment while producing our wines. Turul was among the first wineries to formally adopt a natural farming approach, growing grapes without the use of chemicals in most of its vineyards. To reduce fungus and mildew, the Winery uses selective leaf and shoot removal. Cover crops like oats, mustard, peas, and vetch are planted between rows to naturally inhibit soil erosion, reduce dust, restore nutrients, and encourage microbiological activity. Even grape skins and stems are composted after harvest and added back to the soil, replenishing nitrogen and potassium and increasing microbiological activity. The Winery is joining the larger environmentally-friendly community, and is currently applying for admission to the elite California Certified Organic Farmers organization.

Everyone on our team believes that good wine, together with good food, should be savored. Nutrition, balanced diet, and healthy ingredients for a healthy life are common topics of discussion, but less common is an appreciation for pure, delicious culinary art that satisfies both body and soul. For us, every glass of wine reflects the high standard set by the Turul ancestors. We aim not merely to encourage people to drink more wine, but rather to enrich all our guests' and customers' lives with supreme wines.

The roots of our tradition



Although it is unknown exactly when the Turul family began their wine-making tradition in Tokaj-hegyalja, Hungary, we can be sure that the tradition dates back a long time. Historical records demonstrate that the vineyards had been established in the Tokaj region as early as the 12th century, and the Turul name was already mentioned in 16th-century documents describing the region’s vineyards.


American Dream

However rich the history of a family and its winery may be, times change, and Turul’s traditions evolved with modern dreams of a new life. Laszlo (Leslie) Turul, who came from a long line of skilled winemakers, chose to break with tradition and move away from Hungary to the U.S. in the 1920s. Like so many, he was pursuing a new life and hoping to live the American Dream—but he couldn't escape the family legacy of winemaking.


First piece of land

In 1936, Laszlo purchased his first small piece of land near Oakville, California, what is today the Old Ranch Vineyard. It resembled the Tokaj region both in climate and soil. Initially, one tiny 20 by 34-foot cellar was the only building on the plot. Then the operation began to expand: in 1950 the original cellar was renovated and a new 3,750 square-foot building was constructed nearby to support large-scale production of generic wines. By 1979, a new welcome center had been erected, and later in the1980s, production increased and doubled the size of the Turul portfolio.


First public tour

The first public tour was given at the Winery in 1984, an up-close, inside look at how grapes are grown, how the wine is crafted, and how to truly see, taste, and feel wine. A variety of Winery events have been happening ever since, and new construction and renovations are always designed in harmony with the Turul family's vision of a year-round destination not only for wine connoisseurs, but for anyone who simply wants to enjoy themselves and make memories in this beautiful setting.

Our vision

  • Achieving global name recognition for our high-quality wines
  • Satisfying the widest range of palates and budgets
  • Perfecting our sustainable and community-conscious production processes
  • Offering unforgettable venues for high-end corporate and private events
  • Employing continuous improvement strategies for our products and our people

Our Experts Team

Get to know our experts

Our achievements


tonnes of grapes


bottles of quality wine


satisfied customers



Our grapevines

Do you want to explore our facilities? Take a virtual tour!

What we are proud of

We have recently raised our crushing capacity to 14,000 tons annually, although the facility crushes only 7,000 tons in order to isolate and handle individual lots according to client needs. Our red-tank fermentation ranges in size from 8 to 70 tons in capacity, while white-tank fermentation ranges in size from 5 to 120 tons. A customized wine tracking system designed specifically for Turul Winery facilitates the complex production process. We have two separate bottling lines to permit the highest attention to detail in packaging. These wines are what our efforts are all about!

Chardonnay - Pinot Grigio Cuvee

The combination of the elegant, butter-biscuit tones of unoaked Chardonnay with the richer, lightly-spiced fruit of Pinot Grigio results in a ripe, flavorful, dry white wine. Serve as aperitif or with meats, fish, or pasta, lightly chilled. Only 830 cases produced.

Varietal: 54% Pinot Grigio, 35% Chardonnay, 11% Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol: 13.5%, pH: 3.42

Desert Rose Rosé

Brilliant red, our Desert Rose Rosé offers an impressive aroma of cherries, pomegranate, and watermelon for the palate: a crisp and refreshing wine with lively acidity and juicy flavors.

Varietal: 89% Syrah,11% Zinfandel
Alcohol: 13.7%, pH: 3.32

Feather Touch Sauvignon Blanc

A beautiful, elegant, and light Sauvignon Blanc with a great balance of aromas and structure. Beautiful, refreshing minerality, fruit, and richness dominate the palate with wonderful undertones of sweet oak and dried pear. The mouthfeel is seamless and drawn out.

Varietal: 96% Sauvignon Blanc, 4% Semillion
Alcohol: 14.1%, pH: 3.45

Quintessential Muscatel

This wine’s flavor unmistakably calls to mind the Tokaj, the legendary Hungarian wine territory. Its amber color, aroma, density, structure, and sweetness—reminiscent of dried fruit (apricot, plum, and peaches)—create a very intense, consistent, and complex dessert wine. Botrytis, the Noble Rot touches the grapes sourced for Quintessential, giving the wine a long honeyed finish.
Varietal: 70% Semillon, 30% Furmint
Alcohol: 13.8%, 1.5 grams residual sugar, pH: 4.12

Suprema Cabernet Sauvignon

Dense with soft and silky tannins, a rich setting for the juicy fruit flavors of dark plum to mingle with notes of dark chocolate and vanilla oak. Delicious from beginning through middle to end!

Varietal: 90% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot
Alcohol: 14.92%, pH: 3.82

Turul Classic Chardonnay

Sourced from the cool growing regions of the southern Napa Valley, this medium-bodied, fruit- forward Chardonnay has bright flavors of lemon, apricot, and almonds, with delicate pineapple overtones.

Varietal: 100% Chardonnay
Alcohol: 14.9%, pH: 3.57

Turulicious Zinfandel

Our Zinfandel is crafted to be food friendly, with a silky texture of blackberries, cherries, and cassis. Low tannin level. Will pair well with grilled meats.

Varietal: 100% Zinfandel
Alcohol: 15.23%, pH: 3.42

Special Events

The diversity of nature and the change of seasons inspire Turul Winery’s programs and events, ensuring that the winery is worth visiting again and again.

Wine Club Membership



  • Not a Wine Club Member yet?
  • Join now and enjoy countless benefits!
    Space is limited and events are subject to change.
For questions or suggestions, please contact Joe Salieri. For questions or suggestions for new Beringer Wine Club events, please write to Ellen McMason.

Deep Red & Rosé


per person

  • Date: First Friday of the month from May to September.
  • Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Enjoy delicious Napa Valley cuisine along with Turul wines.

Saturday Live Music


per person

  • Music is free; the usual wine tasting fees apply.
  • Date: Second Saturday of the month from April to the end of November.
  • Time: 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Taste our reserve wines on the porchof the restaurant while listening to live music. Different musicians are featured each time.

Wine tasting


per person

  • Date: every day
  • Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Enjoying wine is much more than just consuming it.
    This is a real experience leading to grapes, vineyards, tradition.


Follow the Winery happenings


New General Manager Joins Turul Winery

Bob Turul, owner of Turul Winery, has proudly announced the selection of a new General Manager for the Winery. Although the new GM does not have extensive experience in the wine industry, Bob strongly believes that the individual will successfully contribute to Turul’s goal of being the best place to visit and work in the Napa Valley, and of course, producing outstanding business results and earning nationwide recognition for excellence.


Being true to tradition means constant improvement – an interview with Bob Turul

In a Wine Times article, the owner and operations manager of Turul Winery talks about his world view, as well as the changes and challenges the Winery is facing.

15 For the full text of the interview, please click here.

Get In Touch

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12121 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 525, Los Angeles, California 90025

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